2023 Kentico MVP Summit recap

Last week it was finally time for the Kentico MVP Summit. Four jampacked days of talking about all things Kentico. From its current flagship product Kentico Xperience 13 to its new SaaS solution Xperience by Kentico, which will take the martech world by storm later this year. 

The Summit is also the perfect way for both the MVP’s and Kentico to share knowledge, experiences, and brainstorm on how to make the product even better.

Although the current MVP’s ar not strictly technical, its a first to have 2 new additions to the MVP team that come from a Marketing and Strategy background. Both Wes McChristian and I have probably not written a single line of code in our lives. Appointing not one but two MVP’s with this background underlines Kentico’s focus on Digital Marketing within the DXP-landscape.

No longer having to deal with COVID-restrictions for in person events, allowed for us to actually meet in person instead of on Teams, which made this Summit even more special.

Summit highlights

As it stands now, Kentico is working round the clock to get their first SaaS solution ready to hit the market. Although small projects on Xperience by Kentico are popping up left and right, we will need to be patient a bit longer to leverage Xperience by Kentico as a full grown DXP. However, the sneak previews provided during the Summit promise a bright future. As 2023 progressess more and more updates on their new SaaS solution will be revealed. 

Xperience by Kentico is set to replace Kentico Xperience 13 as their flagship product. In order to allow a smooth transition for all of their clients, Kentico bumped their end-of-life for Kentico Xperience 13 to at least the end of 2026. Proving yet again that Kentico is devoted to their clients and their digital maturity.

Towards the future, Kentico will also continuously evaluate and improve their trainings and courses to guarantee the best possible adoption of their solutions. 

What stuck with me the most is the absolute drive within the Kentico organization and their professionals to learn from the experiences of the MVP’s to make their solutions even better then before. Never have I seen a group of professionals from all trades that are so open in their communication, that eager to improve, or value very bit of feedback.

A huge thanks

The exceptional experience we as MVP’s got to enjoy would never have been possible without tremendous efforts from Monika Koubkova, Eliska Drozd, and David Slavik. They really went all out to create a stellar Summit. That said, I would also like to thank my fellow MVP’s Andy Thompson, Brenden Kehren, Dmitry Bastron, Jeroen Fürst, Liam Goldfinch, Brian McKeiver, Mike Wills, Sean Wright, Trevor Fayas, and Wes McChristian for the way they adopted me into this close knit group.

About me

Roel Kuik is a Kentico Xperience Marketing Evangelist with extensive experience in digital marketing. Working closely with our clients to identify their marketing needs and develop strategies to help them achieve their goals. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and our tools with clients, empowering them to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in their respective industries. Recently he was recognized as Kentico’s Most Valuable Professional making him the first digital marketer to receive this honor.