Free wizard helps organizations choose between all-in-one platform or headless approach

Koudekerk a/d Rijn, 30 maart 2021

Unplatform, part of Aviva Solutions, is providing a fast, reliable and free tool to help organizations make digital decisions. Supporting digital growth is what the full-service agency has been successful at for 15 years. Now, with genius simplicity, their new wizard makes choosing between an all-in-one Digital Experience Platform (DXP) or a more flexible headless approach a whole lot easier.

A crucial choice

DXP has delivered enviable outcomes in recent times and Aviva Solutions has the experience and proven results to show what the powerful all-in-one solution can do. But for some organizations there could be a wealth of opportunities created by putting together a variable headless technology stack that incorporates best-of-breed services. A decoupling from a single vendor to enhance customer interaction. Once the ball is rolling there are many positives on both sides of the story, but the first step is making the choice. A crucial choice.

From almost to absolutely

By offering the free DXP/Headless wizard, Aviva Solutions invites medium to large organizations to take the next step in their digital evolution. Not only will they receive the benefit of a perfect fit for their business but can avoid the costly and lengthy iteration process of ending up with a solution that almost fits, but not quite. This wizard takes the pain out of choosing, and with the abundance of information available on the market, that pain is considerable. The DXP/Headless-wizard helps put your organization on track for digital growth.

Discover de DXP/Headless-wizard on:

Free DXP/headless wizard

- Results within 2 minutes
- An elaborate report via e-mail
- The result will help you decide to continue with DXP or to go headless

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To unplatform or not to unplatform?

That is the tough question. Do you want to make a well-informed decision based on your specific needs? Our team is ready to help you. 

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