15 years of building digital products and services that matter

Digital decisiveness

Digital decisiveness

We guide digital growth, thereby optimising customer experience and improving conversion.

Move forward

Ever since we started Aviva Solutions in 2006, we have focused on being the go-to partner for our clients. We do not just create something beautiful that works well. We actually help clients move forward. We guide digital growth, optimising customer experience and improving conversion.

Creativity, technology and data

We bring in the best and brightest people to work on your project. Designers and developers who have often been with us for many years. Their work goes beyond implementing and maintaining technology. By combining creativity, technology and data, our team has the skills and experience to tackle any digital challenge in your organisation - at any level: CTO, HR, marketing manager or end user.

Commitment, craftsmanship and creativity: that’s what we’re about. When working with us, you receive the attention you deserve throughout the entire process.

Dedicated to genuine collaboration

Change can be difficult. But we help you win hearts and minds within your organisation and customer base. We listen, challenge perceptions and let your people participate in the decision making. This allows for a transparent process based on clear choices and accountability. And it results in a well-built product that fulfils all the requirements, something that’s fully embraced by your employees and customers alike.

Technologically promiscuous

We are experts in everything Microsoft, Sitecore and Kentico and are proud of it. This does not mean that we don’t have an open mind for other technologies. We are technologically promiscuous. We will work with any tool that produces the results you require and lives up to our – admittedly high – standards.

Tell it like it is

Let’s not kid ourselves – these are very complicated projects and not everything progresses smoothly all the time. Something unforeseen might happen. Things may go wrong. Mistakes could be made. What you do not need is a cover-up or finger pointing. What you want is an honest partner that communicates transparently and solves problems quickly. Someone who looks out for your best interest. We are as loyal to our clients as they are to us. This is what genuine collaboration is about.

Working with Aviva Solutions

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