Digital Experience Maturity Model

Imagine being able to quickly assess how digitally advanced your company is and which digital marketing functions are the best fit for you today.

Digital growth doesn't happen by itself. It starts with a clear understanding of where you are now and where you want to go. Only then can you create a marketing feature roadmap for each stage of growth.

If you're not sending emails at all today, it's not realistic to have complex marketing automation flows running next month. However, you can define an approach by determining the intermediate steps.

For this purpose, we have partnered with Kentico to develop the Digital Experience Maturity Model and Calculator to assist you with this!

Kentico Xperience Digital Maturity Model
Digital Experience Maturity Calculator

What is the Digital Maturity Model?

The Digital Experience Maturity Model offers a structured approach to assess the digital maturity of your company. By answering a series of questions, you can quickly determine your current position and identify areas that require improvement. This assists you in aligning your digital strategy effectively with your business objectives.


Why You Should Understand Your Digital Maturity

The model provides a roadmap for gradually implementing digital marketing functions based on their impact and value to your specific situation. This allows you to adopt functionalities step by step that are most suitable for your business while optimizing your online solution and enhancing the user experience.

Digital Experience Maturity Calculator

Digital Experience Maturity Calculator

Instantly determine where you stand and how to grow most efficiently.