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A headless future

Calling it a hype might be going too far but it’s clear that headless is catching up fast in popularity to the traditional digital experience platform (DXP).

With the introduction of headless to the digital stage a new world of opportunities and customer experiences have opened up, offering a range of best-of-breed SaaS services to choose from. It combines the flexibility, scalability and appealing costs of the cloud with the ease of centralized content management across all channels.

Is this the end of DXP? No way

DXP will always be the right choice for some organizations who need an integrated approach and ample functionality and by no means will the trusted all-in-one solution disappear any time soon. But for others, choosing headless means creating a host of new opportunities to reach their digital growth goals. The key question is therefore: "Does it make sense for my organization to switch to headless, or is DXP the better option?"

What is the best choice for your organization?

Unplatform is a newly created business unit to help answer this question, focused on building online experiences for our clients based on headless and a best-of-breed approach. Having built up a wealth of experience with the implementation of both all-in-one platforms and headless architecture, we are putting together a handy wizard. It will be ready soon to give you an indication on which approach is best for your organization. Then we can take a deeper dive together.

Clear roadmap for going headless

Will you be going headless? Then Unplatform offers a complete roadmap to transition. Our team knows which best-of-breed SaaS services are on the market and has experience with the development of headless solutions (which differ quite a lot from that of DXP). On top of that they are experts at Jamstack architecture and Edge computing. Exactly what you need for a successful headless project.

The wizard is live! Via our newly launched website we already provide clear and concise information on the why, how and what of headless as well as making sure it’s the right choice for your business.


With Unplatform, Aviva Solutions offers a roadmap to what headless entails, the benefits it offers and what organizations can achieve by going headless.


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Want to go headless in your business? Or is DXP the way to go? Aviva Solutions is ready to help.

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